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About Us

About Bulgarian Places

BulgarianPlaces.com is the place of love. We made it out of love for Bulgaria, and our main purpose is to make you love Bulgaria. And that’s easy. You just need to come and see it.

A country that’s been around for 1 300 years. Land of the ancient Thracian civilisation, part of the Eastern Roman Empire, an independent kingdom for centuries, an occupied nation for centuries – it all has left its marks. Land of ancient craftsmen, of Medieval church painters, of modern artists – all have left a trace to see. Great mountains, lakes, the Black Sea – you can experience the beauty of nature in summer and winter.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and challenge you to discover in person the beauty of these Bulgarian Places. In this online travel guide, you will find a list of touristic attractions such as ancient and medieval fortresses, ruins and excavations, ethnographic old cities, churches and monasteries, along with modern cities, sea and ski resorts, mountains and valleys. Are you ready to go?

In BulgarianPlaces.com we are constantly selecting and presenting the best hotels&villas, restaurants and shopping centres. You just need to watch the special video tours we made for each one of them and choose your “Bulgarian Places” from home.

Bulgarian Places Team

And that’s not all! We have a dedicated telephone line for support while you are abroad. We will give you travel information and will try to answer all questions you may have about your stay in Bulgaria.If you have an urgent situation or need a translator on the go, we will connect you with a local agent. And you have it all completely free.
But there is one thing only you can do – to come and see your Bulgarian Places!