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Sign Up For A Premium Account

See all extras with our Premium Account and fill the form or contact us. We will be happy to come at your hotel and discuss everything.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will have account manager available every day within the business hours to support you with everything related to the premium account.

Video Presentation

You will receive professional video presentation including drone shoots (where is applicable) and copyrighted music.

Professional Photo Gallery

With the video presentation, you will receive and professional photo gallery under your profile page compleated with edited photos taken by our operator.

English Voice Over

We work with people from BBC radio and these are the professionals we use for the voice over records in the video presentation you will receive.

Social Media Engagement

Our social media marketers will take care for your presence around facebook, twitter, instagram & google plus.

Discounted Advertisement

You will receive special discounted prices when you decide to make internal campaign and boost your position on the top.

Live Support Inclusive

You will be included in the list of recommended places when someone from the website/app users, call our Live Support Operator for travel information.

Backlink to your web

You probably know that is very important to have links pointing to your website from authority networks like our to boost your website in google.

Recommended Places in the app

As you may know, we released an online app for phones/tablets and only the premium accounts will be shown in a special section which will boost a credibility.

Booking.com Linked Account

For your hassle free maintenance of the rooms and availability, we will connect your booking.com profile page to your page on our website so the users will book with confidence.

TripAdvisor Linked Account

We will take all the best from your TripAdvisor account and dynamically connect it to your profile on our website.